Stateland’s History

Where there is not vision; the people perish
Proverb 29:18

In the year of our Lord 1886, Stateland Missionary Baptist Church was founded. The Ladies Hermitage Association convinced the State to buy and deed the property to the newly formed Congregation. This body of believers became the Stateland Missionary Baptist Church. Stateland was on the original site for 113 years. It has been a great influence in this community.

The first Pastor of the newly formed church was Reverend Nathan Drake. The following families were the pioneer members: the Washington’s, the Marshalls, the Petersons, and the Liaisons’.

The original edifice was erected under Pastor Drake’s leadership,

There came a time when the Church was upset by a breaking away of members to other communities. However, the church recovered under the leadership of many able ministers.

Throughout the past 121 years, Stateland was blessed with excellent Pastors. Each of the past Pastors left their imprints on the Church and the surrounding community. The following are Pastors who served and greatly contributed to bringing Stateland to where it is today.

Pastor J. Franklin
Pastor Lewis Liason
Pastor Crosby
Pastor Wilson
Pastor E.T. Pitte
Pastor Bass
Pastor J.F. Dawson
Pastor John Campbell
Pastor Jimmy D. Smith
Pastor Pardue
Pastor Abernathy
Pastor Davis
Pastor Moore
Pastor Harris
Pastor P.D. Collier
Pastor Shelby Brown
Pastor Gill Gordon
Pastor Willie H. Joy

Under the Pastorship of Pastor Joy, Stateland moved into it’s newly erected sanctuary June 6, 1999.

Elder Robert W. Willis was installed as the new Pastor of Stateland Baptist Church August 13, 2006. Pastor Willis also served as an Associate Minister prior his installation. The Church welcomed him and his family (Sis. Michelle Willis and daughter Sydney), with great joy. Pastor Willis has set the bar, with the Word of God for the People of God.

Under the anointed leadership of Pastor Robert W. Willis and the Holy Spirit, we will continue to Worship our Lord in Spirit and in Truth. We will continue to reach out to the community in evangelism and spread God’s Holy Word with Power.


Stateland Baptist Church

4650 Wright Ave.
Old Hickory, TN 37138


Sunday School:
9:15 Each Sunday morning

Sunday Service: 11:00 AM

Mid Week Bible Study: Wednesdays 12:00-1:00 PM, 6:30-7:30 PM

5th Sunday:
Sunday School 8:30 AM
Sunday Service 9:30 AM

New Members Classes:
Each Sunday 9:00 am